Business Analyst

Website Evolution Electric Vehicles Inc.

DUTIES:   Applying advanced operation management knowledge, distinctive analysis skills and problem solving to ultimately improve productivity while reducing costs in an ethical and sound manner: Plan and perform analysis of existing business operations, revenue drives, critical success factors to improve business performance and customer satisfaction. Conduct demand forecasts, capacity planning, realistic scheduling, and analyze and evaluate existing and prospective competition to make recommendations to the Company’s management. Consult with the Company’s management, analyze and improve cost/price structure to enhance price competition. Analyze performances including efficiency, organization, marketing, managing finances, and adhering to budgets. Develop recommendation list to identify potential benefits as well as implementation issues and challenges and ensure that the recommendations to be made will have the most impact, the greatest value for our management. Assist company management in new product development process and manage aspects of supply chain planning at the new product team level. Conduct analysis of new and existing products including competitive position, pricing, retail trends, manufacturing, features, and enhancements. Perform domestic market share analyses using internal and external data sources to predict relative corporate market positions; gather pertinent data, statistics, and market information to determine market penetration and potential, competitive strategies, and consumer attitudes and preferences; prepare and write marketing research reports for managerial review; monitor market landscape, brand performance as well as identify issues using appropriate data sources; evaluate current and future competitors, predict trends and identify potential opportunities and risks in markets etc. Interpret and convey research results to company management; and identify major issues with recommendations on possible solutions, for example, researching on the pricing on different products to determine pricing fluctuation and market trend for future planning. Communicate with the Company’s customers including vendor merchandisers; major commercial retailers; and other distribution networks, as well as company representatives, to ensure the products to meet specific requirements.

REQ. & EXP.:  Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management or related.
(Foreign Equivalent Acceptable)


Ms. Christian Wang
2620 Palisades Dr.
Corona, CA 92882

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