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Vehicle Information

1. How do you find the manufacturing year of an EVolution golf cart?

The serial number on your cart can help you determine the manufacturing year. The serial number of each vehicle is located on the chassis frame, behind the front wheel of the driver side. The four letters at the beginning of the serial number indicate the manufacturing year of the vehicle. For further information, contact your local authorized EVolution dealer.

2. How do I locate and read my serial number?

Please follow the instructions above and listed on our Owner’s Manuals page.

3. How do I obtain an Owner's Manual?

Please follow the instructions listed on our Owner’s Manuals page.

4. Can I have a wiring diagram for my vehicle?

You will need to contact an authorized EVolution dealer for assistance. Find one near you by clicking here.

5. Are there any recalls or product updates?

Need To Register Warranty for your Evolution Electric Vehicle?(Download)

6. I am having trouble with my vehicle, where can I get help?

Please contact your nearby dealer. They are equipped to service your vehicle and will collaborate with you to resolve any issues that may occur.

7. Can I get a spare key for my vehicle?

Please contact your local dealer to purchase an additional key.

General Information

1. Where is EVolution Electric Vehicles located?

We have corporate offices and distribution centers located in Corona, CA; Orlando, FL; and Grand Prairie, TX.

2. Where are EVolution vehicles made?

Vehicles are assembled at the three aforementioned locations: Corona, CA; Orlando, FL; and Grand Prairie, TX. Parts and accessories are manufactured in China.

3. How much does a golf cart cost?

The models of EVolution golf carts are the epitome of excellence in the light transportation vehicle category. Our Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for ranges between $8,695 and $18,995 USD.

4. Do golf carts have titles?

Upon purchasing a golf cart, the buyer receives a bill of sale. It’s important to consult with your local municipality to ascertain if you are eligible to apply for a title.

5. Do golf carts have VIN numbers?

The VIN number, knows as Vehicle Identification Number, is only used for LSV (Low speed vehicle), VIN number plate is located on the chassis frame, behind the front wheel of the driver side, normally under the serial number plate.

Authorized Dealers and Distributors

1. How do I contact the closest authorized EVolution dealer?

Find yours on the Dealer Locator page.

2. Do all EVolution dealers carry the same product?

No, our dealers provide a diverse assortment of products, from consumer golf carts to fleet golf carts, and from commercial to consumer utility vehicles. To find a dealer that carries the specific product you need, use our Dealer Locator.

3. Are all EVolution dealers also authorized service dealers?

Yes. All authorized dealers are also authorized service dealers, and can assist with parts or service questions.

4. How do I become a EVolution dealer?

Please click on Become a Dealer and check “I would like more information to become an Evolution dealer.” while filling out the form. We look forward to learning more about you!


1. What is my vehicle's warranty?

The length of the warranty, and what it covers, depends on the vehicle. Contact your dealer or distributor or review the warranty section in your owner’s manual.

2. Can my vehicle still be under warranty if I modify it?

Only modifications using EVolution authorized accessories, which are installed by an EVolution authorized service dealer, will be covered under the warranty.

3. What will happen to the warranty if I sell my vehicle?

The warranty is usually non-transferable, but it’s always best to confirm the specifics with your local dealer.

4. How are repairs handled under my manufacturer warranty?

If you experience problems with your vehicle, it is important to take it to an authorized EVolution dealer. They will diagnose and rectify the problem. If the repairs are covered under the warranty, the dealer will handle all the necessary paperwork with EVolution on your behalf. It is crucial to note that for repairs to be potentially covered, the vehicle must be taken to an authorized EVolution dealer.

5. Can I go to a non-EVolution dealer for warranty work?

No, only an authorized EVolution dealer or distributor may perform warranty work on your vehicle.

6. Is my warranty good outside of the United States?

Yes, at an authorized EVolution dealer or distributor.

7. How long is the factory warranty on my EVolution accessory?

Coverage depends upon your vehicle. Please refer to the Warranty section of your owner’s manual or contact your local EVolution authorized dealer.

8. How do I transfer the warranty on my vehicle if I sell it? Is it transferable?

The warranty is not always transferable. Please contact your authorized dealer or distributor for information on how to transfer the warranty.

Insurance-related Questions

1. What is the value of my used vehicle?

The value of a used vehicle depends on various factors including its age, cosmetic and mechanical condition, and any additional options or accessories. This makes it difficult to provide an accurate estimate without a thorough inspection. We recommend consulting a local dealer who can assess your vehicle in person and provide a more precise estimated value.

2. Can I obtain a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin?

Please contact us and we will respond with further instructions.

Rules and regulations vary by local municipality, so it’s important to contact your local government for specific information on making your vehicle street legal. An authorized dealer may also be able to assist with this process.


1. I have questions about EVolution vehicles your website does not answer. What should I do?

Your local authorized EVolution dealer is the expert on the EVolution products they carry, and can help with any additional questions.

2. Why can't I see some of the pages on your website?

The website utilizes pop-ups to display information. To ensure that you can view this information, please check your computer settings. You may need to enable pop-ups.

3. How can I submit a question to EVolution?

If you were unable to find your answer you can submit your question through our Contact Us page.


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