Style & Utility

Handle your cargo in a high-quality, durable and comfortable electric vehicle. The Turfman is more than capable of handling material at the airport, warehouse, sports ground, stadium, resort, tourist attraction or other commercial settings.

Turfman 800

Turfman 200

Premium Components

Lux Steering Wheel, Two-Toned Seats, Exclusive PPG Paint, Excellent Feels and more...

Advanced Tech

Touchscreen Display with backup camera and USB port...

Lithium Power System

48V lithium battery- No maintence EVER. 4KW AC motor and 400 Amp Evolution AC controller give you the power to go 25 mph...

Direct Support

Nationwide Dealer Network, International Factory Technician available- CALL US

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Turfman 200 PLUS

Turfman 800 PLUS

Turfman 1000 PLUS

Customers reviews

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I love my Evolution. It's beautiful and gets me to where I want to go without any problems.
Amanda Lee
These carts last forever. Safe and sturdy with enough battery power to drive all day. The Staff were able to answer all my questions regarding a new roof replacement.
Thanks Evolution Team!
Adam Cheise
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