Celebrate EARTH WEEK by Hitting the road in an Electric Vehicle

Check out this video about the benefits and challenges of electric vehicles.

Totally interesting video regarding the number of GAS STATIONS vs. EV CHARGING stations.
The news lady travels all over Georgia etc… and shares some interesting insights.

2022 PGA Tradeshow STAR Who Stole The Show [Hint: D3]

Here is an MSNBC highlight video from the PGA Tradeshow of the new player entering Evolution’s powerful lineup of electric vehicles the, “D3”. This is the mini-car / electric cart to keep your eye on in 2022. You will have to look fast because they already have a line of dealers wanting to place pre-sale orders. Click the picture link to see for yourself here:

Evolution’s D3 Review by the Golf Channel at the 2022 PGA Tradeshow