Turfman 1000


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Harnessing the power to move bigger loads with efficiency, Turfman 1000 stands as a testament to heavy-duty workmanship. Featuring a vast flatbed space at the rear, it offers flexibility unlike any other, allowing you to transport multiple cargos in a single ride.

Versatility on Wheels

Crafted with precision and with the demands of modern transportation challenges in mind, Turfman 1000 boasts a rear flatbed, perfectly designed to carry multiple cargos in a single ride. Whether you’re handling supplies for an event, moving equipment for landscaping, or delivering goods to different points in a large facility, Turfman 1000 ensures efficiency with its capacious flatbed. Its design is a testament to understanding the varied needs of cargo transport, ensuring that space is never a limitation.

Robust Flatbed Design

The expansive flatbed is not just about size but also about strength and durability. Engineered to handle significant weight and resist wear and tear, this vehicle is the ideal companion for businesses and establishments that demand both volume and reliability in their transport solutions.


Stay ever-ready for that impromptu golf session. The Turfman 1000 comes equipped with a dedicated golf ball holder, designed to securely house up to four golf balls. It’s all about ensuring convenience and accessibility when you need it most.


Turn every ride into an auditory experience with Turfman 1000’s built-in stereo system. Whether you’re working or taking a break, you can tune into your favorite tracks, ensuring a perfect blend of productivity and entertainment.



Designed to support the Turfman 1000’s robust flatbed, the rear axle showcases superior engineering, ensuring stability and strength. Whether you’re hauling light or heavy cargo, you can trust in a smooth and consistent journey.


Navigate various terrains with confidence thanks to Turfman 1000’s specially designed tires. These tires provide optimal traction and durability, ensuring both the safety of your cargo and longevity of the vehicle itself.

What do people say?



Turfman 1000: 131″x 55″ x 72″


● Cargo box: 43″x 65″ x 11″


● 48V Lithium battery
● 48V 6.3KW AC motor
● 400 Amp Evolution AC controller
● 19mph max speed
● 25A Evolution on-board charger


● Double A-arm coil-over suspension for a smooth quality ride feel
● Decorative Strip
● Colored Decorative Wheel Trim
● Dashboard with color-matching cupholder insert
● Luxury Steering Wheel
● Speedometer(Optional 9-inch touchscreen with Speedometer display ,back-up camera ,Stereo system ,Bluetooth connection ……)
● Rearview Mirror
● Horn
● USB Charging Ports
● Cargo bed with side rails or Aluminum Cargo Box (Tiltable, with air shocks )


● Acid Dipped, Powder Coated Steel Chassis(Hot-Galvanized chassis optional) for a longer “cart life expectancy” with a LIFETIME Warranty!
● 25A Onboard waterproof Evolution charger, preprogrammed to Evolution lithium batteries!
● Clear foldable windshield
● Impact-resistant plastic body + Diamond plate side panels
● Independent suspension with four arms
● Assembled at one of our 2 – locations in the USA for proper quality control.
● Bright lighting for the front and rear in order to maximize visibility in the dark and to alert other drivers on the road to be aware of your presence


TPO injection moulding front cowl



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